Wiener Klassik“ mit Heribert Beissel und der Klassischen Philharmonie Bonn

WIESBADEN - works of Joseph Haydn stood at the beginning and at the end of the fourth event of the concert series "Wiener Klassik". Heribert Beissel opened the evening with the best prepared young instrumentalists the Bonn Classical Philharmonic with the composer's Symphony no. 88 in G major.

"Father" of symphony

Under the sleek and plastically shaped out signaling of the Beissels received at the best creations of the "primal father" of symphony works carried loose, delicate contour. Beautifully in ariosem sound the seven variations of Largo ', in peasant fresh type the minuet, the outer movements marked by lively, elan full mood density - the addition at the end of the concert, the final movement of Haydn's last London Symphony No. 104 ( "Solomon"). , lived from this musically fresh gripping type.

Filippo Gorini as soloist

The young pianist Filippo Gorini, first prize winner of the "International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn 2015", did not spare allowances which brilliantly powerfully enriched the concert with Stravinsky and in subtle tones with Scarlatti.

This "donation adding" the pianist had leveled with a discreet and secure orchestral accompaniment with the performance of Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 20 in D minor, only to right.

The remarkable penetration into sadness and gloom of the work revealed that the young artist has dealt with it in clever conception.

Crystal clear, finely tuned and mawkish received this excellent tracing strongly touching dimension, devoid of striving for effect, for which the strong dramatic structure accentuated particularly the outer movements would definitely advisable occasion.

Brilliant and nuanced

Brilliant and nuanced ausformend the cadences, in calm, gorgeous sliding cantabile river romance - a total of positive and excellent performance of the young pianists, the right to fair hopes.

With Schubert's "small" sixth symphony in C major D 589 Beissel with his in attendance with apparent enthusiasm instrumentalists decided the concert, fresh verve vigorous in cheerful, animating mood - very cordial agreement in gratifyingly lively Thiersch-Saal of the Wiesbaden Kurhaus.

Richard Hörnicke, Wiesbadener Kurier
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