Meister spielerischer Leichtigkeit
Dan Hannen

02/22/2016 BONN. Filippo Gorini, winner of last year's Beethoven Competition, at the concert "Viennese Classicism" in the Beethoven Hall.

Under a very special star was the youngest of evening Heribert Beissels "Wiener Klassik" series in the Beethoven Hall. Because for the soloist concert, Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 20 (Kochel 466) had been invited by Filippo Gorini the winner of last year's International Telekom Beethoven Competition. With just 20 Lenzen Gorini was the youngest participant since the founding of the competition (2005) and had, completely unpretentious, and impressed with sparkling clean technology and a very stylish musicality the jury and round after round won the hearts of the audience.

The Mozart concert realized Gorini less than auftrumpfender soloist, because when - in addition to the orchestral groups - another voice, attentive to formal unity. Here his tone seems ideally always a piece about to float off the ground, what the more dramatic acting Key D minor gives a playful, but not playful ease.

Unpretentious shine Gorini allowed to it in the cadences of the outer movements. Partnership is also the appropriate lean occupied Classical Philharmonic, Beissel in excellent balance between strings, wood and sheet metal and in tense dynamics - as usual - leads on a short leash. For the stormy applause, the young pianist thanked in bravura keyboard acrobatics with Chopin and Stravinsky.

"Feel-good" music gave it all around: Haydn's Symphony in G major No. 88 (Hoboken I: 88). From the Eisenstadt laboratory Esterháza with quirky trio section in Menuetto-set and Schubert's "small" C Major Symphony ( German 589) with its refreshing bonds the bel canto style of Rossini and Beethoven.

Fritz Herzog, General-Anzeiger Bonn
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