Beethoven-Nacht endet mit beeindruckender Auff├╝hrung

12/17/2015 BONN. The addition, which gave the telecom Competition Prize winner Filippo Gorini in the Beethoven-night for top was breathtaking. The octaves and chords, which he hammered into the keyboard in the first movement of Bartók's Piano Sonata in 1926 with high speed and absolutely accurate, showed a virtuoso who his is sure.

But they also made clear how the 20-year-old Italian who präludierende cadence from the beginning of the fifth piano concerto, which he now played after the competition final for the second time with the Beethoven Orchestra conducted by Stefan Blunier understands. Indeed, not a fantasy in the spirit of romance, but as a creation of modernity, that is:. As an almost factual sequence of tones

This does not mean that its interpretation would have been a total of cold or too sober. Gorini linked this approach with feinnervigem game that allows him quite to sing on the piano, not only in the heroic first theme, but also in the completely opposite, almost childlike naivete and innocence radiating second. Even the lyrical tone of the slow movement met Gorini with great sensitivity.

The winners of the Competition provides the Beethoven night, taking the orchestra traditionally on the eve of Beethoven's baptism day into the program, a beautiful stage. In the sold-out Beethoven hall there was by the appearance Gorinis also a re-encounter with the Australian Stefan Cassomenos, the runner-up of the year, 2013.

The special: He made the empty chairs of the orchestra at the piano room to alone to stem the Fifth Symphony of Beethoven. Franz Liszt had transferred this like any other Beethoven symphonies for piano. It was amazing how orchestral and colorful Cassomenos let sound their wings the work. And even more amazing, with which he pianistic reserves the through-the-crafted -night to -light-dramaturgy of the work. The audience was entranced by this pianistic and musical tour de force.

With full orchestra plus choir and soloists at the end of the long evening came the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven, which was also recorded for the complete recording of symphonies by Beethoven Orchestra. Much subsequent cosmetics on the mixer does not need it there. Stefan Blunier conducted an immensely powerful, forward-pressing and emotionally strong symphony.

In the first sentence, he underlined that about by a sharpened rhythm and with the strikingly accentuated use of the timpani, through the dramatic spirit that inherent in this set, fully came to unfold. At the same time the conductor but also laid great emphasis on sonic transparency and clarity, and the slow movement on calm breathing melodic lines.

By Petr Fiala well prepared Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno and the quartet of soloists Elza van den Heever (soprano), Janina Baechle (Alt), Robert Dean Smith (tenor) and the former Bonner Ensemble Member Georg Zeppenfeld (Bass) was Blunier class vocal support aside. They sang as the orchestra played: with an immense expression wool. The audience applauded after the grand finale and long standing.

Bernhard Hartmann, General-Anzeiger Bonn
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